Sabah Alam Hydari


Sabah is a dynamic, multilingual and performance-driven Transformation Expert, Forum Facilitator and Leadership Coach with 15 years of broad international business exposure in Europe, Russia, South Asia and the Middle East. She has a Master’s degree in Management Sciences from the London School of Economics and a further specialization in Consulting and Coaching for Change from INSEAD. Her research and focus is on integrating teams, creating team identity and enabling team transformations. As part of her work she addresses trust, alignment, conflict resolution, goal-setting and managing rules of engagement within teams and organisations. Sabah has served on the board of YPO’s Greater London Chapter for two consecutive years and is a Consultant at McKinsey’s leadership arm, Aberkyn. 

Her designed and tested method, the Forging Teams Integration Loop (FTIL), which is formulated specifically to Counter Otherness, has been peer-reviewed and published by the McKinsey Quarterly.

Zehra Mullick

Marketing Director

Zehra is a Marketing and Communications Consultant with international experience in digital marketing, brand strategy and public relations. She is a Journalism graduate from the University of Kent and has studied postgraduate Law at London’s BPP University. During her time at organisations like the James Caan funded Prior & Partners and global branding agency Interbrand, Zehra worked with high-profile clients including Reiss, Sainsbury's and Mercedes-Benz. Through her work she has developed a proficiency in trend forecasting, campaign and content creation, and client and event management. Zehra is passionate about helping people and teams achieve growth and success.

Wouter Van Essenberg

Expert Advisor

Wouter is an HR leader, Organisational Change Consultant and Team Effectiveness Coach who has combined his former experience as HR Director, strategy consultant and INSEAD EMCCC graduate to help teams, individuals and organisations collaborate effectively. Wouter is passionate about development and result-driven work, both in his professional and personal life. In his spare time he plays the saxophone and believes that a music band is the ultimate embodiment of a well-functioning team; where passion, collaboration, fun and creativity bind people together for inspiring results.

Geert Vercaeren

Expert Advisor

Geert is a Senior Business Consultant and Coach with more than 25 years of experience in organisation development and leading complex business and HR transformations. He is passionate about shaping, implementing and leading sustainable transformation programs to improve performance, build capabilities and strengthen behaviour. Geert is an INSEAD graduate and has held executive roles in leading consultancies such as PwC and Deloitte. He is the proud Founder of B15, a consulting firm that is dedicated to humanizing strategies. His list of clients includes companies like Shell, Nissan and Philips.