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Team Performance and Growth. Individual Mastery and Power.

TeamIt Experts is the brainchild of Transformation Specialist and C-suite Executive Coach, Sabah Alam Hydari. Having dedicated the past 17 years to enabling teams and leaders to create safe spaces, bring issues to the surface and cultivate meaningful conversations, Sabah has brought together her amassed knowledge and experience to design and curate targeted programs that address and resolve a variety of challenges.

The critical issue

Employee burnout has reached an all time high – with no sign of subsiding.

Organisations are not trained in remote productivity and as a result, working from home has impacted effectiveness, collaboration and communication. Individuals and teams are struggling with low energy and fatigue. In order to focus and succeed, people require a better way of connecting and engaging in this virtual world. We provide the support, guidance and facilitation teams and organisations need in order to come together.

TeamIt Experts specialises in creating virtual spaces that allow teams to improve communication, feel connected and flourish in order to be their best personal and professional selves.

Employees Who Are Part Of A Collaborative Culture

Source: Deloitte

Do better work


Are more innovative


Are more satisfied


Organisations That Employ Team Coaching are:

More collaborative


Lower staff turnover


More likely to show an improved bottom line




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Our mission is to provide quality English language instruction through a variety of courses to international and local students in a professional and supportive atmosphere utilizing our unique.

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